Why I Backed a 24-Year-Old Trying to Assess Human Potential
Mark Suster

No more than we need institutions to rigorously STEM the world into its own workforce of AI programmers to 'put the rest of the world out of work' do we need “human potential” used as an excuse to swamp the remaining leadership jobs with all the luckily embelled code-illiterate white kids. “Human Potential” as an excuse for elevating only leadership skills (né domineering skills) in the curriculum is not revolutionary thinking. It’s commercialized celebrity-oriented thinking and innovation in tech has been hamstrung by that all too plenty. Decentralizing management is a far better idea. The favors this Embellus innovator seeks to do are not for the people who need favors done. If the jackass regional manager of South Minnesota Target stores could only have seen they belonged in Interface Strategy Direction at blah.com nobodycares.

“more tangible problems that could lead to a business before the mission. Luckily Rebecca herself is highly adaptive and was able to rigorously prioritize which problems to solve first. Invariably she would no doubt score very highly on her own assessment tests.”

Under the circumstance that a massive expo of leadership positions descend on open markets and the government(s) is (are) so smitten with Rebecca’s idea that they implement her heretofore nonexistent matrix, then maybe she will be helping janitor John become regional manager John. Yet doing nothing for the toxic culture, sociopathy, job insecurity, and throw-to-wolves liability that is rampant in Big Business Middle Management.

“Human Potential” is a flawed concept that is oriented in pitting people against each other for positions of influence in the rudimentary business-decision-making sense. Measure “Innovative Potential” instead …and oh yea, goodluckwithThatone

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