The Decline of War
Angus Hervey

‘To war or not “to war”’. This is an example of a single statistic padded with complete bs. “The Decline of War” is a pipedream, brother Hervey. There are more refugees on planet earth today than there have ever been at any moment of its existence. What are they running from? War. I know that you spiralled off into idealistic fancy after glimpsing your statistic (attributable to other advancements, arrangements and deviations) because you single out Nigeria as a starting point for War on Earth and then fixate on Lagos, where nothing in the name of War as ever happened. I recall a single terrorist attack, so maybe you should measure your “swath-o-war” from San Bernardino county.

This piece is a textbook example of the runaway entitlement on Medium. The self-lauding over-sharing mentality that thinks it’s office life-hack is more important than starting a company that actually solves problems in the world. Not only are there more refugees from Conflict (useful word for your study and further enlightenment) than there have ever been before, those numbers are exclusively those Refugees who are living in United Nations refugee camps. By no means All. And the UN and the World Food Organization are taxed beyond capacity. It has had to unilaterally reduce its providence across all its camps. It now allocates a mere 750 calories per refugee per day. Most medical professionals will tell you that is a Starvation Ration. So not only are there more Refugees from War than ever before, we are starving them to death while every industrialized nation on earth (except France) waste more food daily than it would take to feed those Refugees.

I love it that when caucasians start to talk about war on a global scale they make absolutely sure to include Koni or Rwanda or something along those lines. While normally, those conflicts get Zero attention or assistance (except from the Admirable Mr. Clooney). The Congo has the longest running conflict on planet earth. Yet even with a god-like musician such as Lokassa M. Bongo dwelling there, nobody cares how simple their problem of poverty is or how easily it could be solved. Caucasian multinational corporations continue to bee-line to the Congo to rape it of its mineral wealth and throw peanuts at the locals.

Classic Chipotle pride caused the (surely temporary) ceasefire in Columbia to send young Hervey strudeling about the Globe admonishing nations not as responsible and demi-american as good-old Columbia. One of my best pals and high-school bandmate makes his very worthy life in Columbia. I hope that my observation of bias and my humorous descriptions of it don’t distract from the bigoted western-hemisphere-alism Hervey is indulging in. Mexico is in complete upheaval. 30 students killed by authorities, but that’s not war. Drug kingpins assassinating police en-mass, but that’s not war. Headless bodies strewn on the roadside, but that’s not war. Even Copacabana will never be a song again at this rate. It’s presently a Drug-run state. Is it even in Mexico? Hell, Venezuela is suffering an actual famine. Who knew that someone who threatened war with the U.S. near constantly would die and leave the country to someone who would sack and loot it. Of course, white-hegemony is the reason the World Cup and the Olympics are both in Brazil in as many years. Why not Tibet? Why not Ghana? Drug lords in Brazil are overseeing the greatest degree of violence the country has seen in decades upon decades. The special policing units are rattled and constantly at attention, either or making deals with Kingpins for their safety. The country is spending the greatest portion of its Olympic budget (correct me if I’m wrong) on Security. Just as hostages are being executed in the Philippines, and they have elected a Trump-like pariah to fight a farc-like insurgency, it should be evident to you: War is not ceasing. Methods of War are getting more sporadic.

When Russia is all the way in Syria bombing things, how can you say war is ceasing? When Saudi Arabia is killing 20,000 Yemeni civilians in a year bombing things, how can you say war is ceasing? When Hezbollah is now the Actual Government of a world renowned Tourist destination such as Lebanon… until Israel came through in 2005 bombing things, how can you say war is ceasing? Your list of “cease-fires that are holding” should be omitted entirely. It is laughable at best. The fighting has never stopped in eastern Ukraine not for one day. The notion that Pakistan and India have decided to chill on Kashmiri and let bygones be, is ridiculous. There you have a great example of “War that is not terroristic in technique” reverting to a Sporadic State. And not to peter out, as most conflict-watchers in the area fear a massive flare-up involving both of those nuclear armed states.

Civil Wars aren’t going anywhere. As long as mineral wealth is stolen to no benefit of the local populations, warlords will take up the abundant imported arms, and rend the little benefit for themselves. Just as a place as advanced as Germany in 1940 can erupt into Genocidal hostility, places as underdeveloped (read: raped) as Liberia today can do the same. Arms and Ammo flow freer across this planet than food. Terrorism IS War. It has developed to utilize your arms and ammo in ways that can circumvent the need for full-frontal stalemates and battles of bunker hill or whatever the stereotypical idea of what war is connotes. Iraq, Libya and Syria are not a cartoon of black-flags. They are the chief indication of the decline of Western Occupational Propensity, and the wisdom of once Occupied Militias to Band Together. And they are finding fans all over the world. Even in Orlando. The West, for all its talk of Mali music ( no major award unwon) its foot dragging 3-years it took to show up, and the miniscule size of the nation of Mali itself, hasn’t been able to make it safe there. Tourists were just ambushed, thanks for the help. What then can the West do in something the size of Libya except admit you fucked up and gtfo. Isis is, in fact, a tertiary metamorphosis. It is when Terrorism, turns and begins to re-resemble traditional War. It’s hardly sporadic to speak of. It’s social influence alone should keep you from dismissing it or underscoring it. Your illustration is interesting too, the african people laying down the sub-machine guns etc. That brings us to the Cherry on top. No place in the world has as big a gun problem as the United States. Except South Africa. Yep, leaving sub-machine guns behind to fight and die in ghettos. That’s not war?

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