It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint


The movement to replace a broken system of policing has started. Since the beginning of policing, the system it has operated under has not benefitted the majority. Our solution is one which shifts the power to the people. While it may be a new concept that hasn’t been tested yet, in theory it will allow each city’s civilians to choose how they would like their department to serve the community. Before any other reforms can occur, we must implement this new system under which additional reforms will be able to succeed.

This past year we have been meeting with people all across the United States and we have seen a recurring theme: the already implemented reforms do not go far enough. We argue that success has been prevented by the faults of the current system. In order to help with educating more people about the model, we have updated and written more materials which can be found on our website.

Our movement won’t happen overnight; it is a marathon, not a sprint. In order for real change to occur it’s going to take people like you coming together to organize, mobilize, and spread the word. This is the role of the Civilian Led Policing organization. We are working every day with people across the country to build the infrastructure needed to implement the model in cities both big and small, and we need you to be a part of it! The biggest thing you can do is to become a volunteer for the organization! We have opportunities for you both at the national level (which you can do from home) and local level. Every hour of time you can put into helping the movement will take us a step further towards creating a better future for millions of people. This movement is still young, although as more and more people hear about the model, support will continue to grow and we would like your help in making that happen!

If you have any questions about the model, the organization, or how to get involved, you can always reach out to us on social media or over email ( and we will gladly talk with you! We also would love to hear your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions!

In solidarity,

Avi Trop

President of the Board of Directors

Civilian Led Policing