Why the Green Party Has Destroyed Itself with Jill Stein
Sasha Stone

You are delusional if you think Hillary Clinton will go against her corporate backers and actually do something about climate change; on the contrary, she has already snubbed the tidal wave of progressivism that actually nominated Bernie Sanders as their Democratic candidate, but which was subverted but an equally large tsunami of voting fraud in the primaries. Instead, Hillary and her corporatist stooge of a VP are sticking their noses up the collective asses of the 1% and courting every establishment Republican and Neocon they possibly can; that brown stuff on their noses isn’t fudge. Pro TPP, Pro Fracking, Pro Wall Street, Pro Regime Change & actively seeking war with Russia — that is what electing Hillary Clinton will get you. Donald Trump would be a mere footnote in history were Bernie Sanders the Democratic candidate — but he’s not. Jill Stein is the only HONEST candidate running and while we all know the system is rigged this go round, we can at least lay the groundwork for breaking the Corporatist Duopoly in 2020 and beyond.

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