A Changing Word?

When asked about the term “brand journalism,” I have mixed feelings. While some say that journalism by definition should be unbiased and without agenda, therefore being associated with a brand voids the word, not all journalism meets that standard. In fact, the largest, most popular news outlets are quite obviously tilted towards a certain political view. Very seldom is modern journalism truly, completely honest and without filter. Ultimately, I’d love for the idea of journalism to fulfill the definition provided by Contently. However, I feel that it (journalism) doesn’t often properly achieve that goal.

As mentioned by Lushdigital.com, it’s almost impossible to find a news organization that is truly unbiased. It’s almost as if the idea of proper journalism… doesn’t actually exist. But since we continue using the word, and use it to define all, well, journalism, one could say the definition itself has changed.

But, I don’t feel like content marketing and brand journalism are one in the same, just as PRSA’s article argues. Journalism, as a word still has the connotation of being trustworthy, and straightfoward. And that can still be accomplished by companies and brands. Brand marketing, however, has a broader meaning. I personally feel that brand journalism can be/is brand marketing, however not all brand marketing is brand journalism.

In the end, Journalism as a word will be used however the public wishes it to be. But as of now, I feel like brand journalism is leaning farther into existence each day.