When People Demand That We Be ‘Harder’ and ‘Stronger’
Son of Baldwin

“ They don’t tell us, though, that the world is only hard because of them”

I cannot tell you how often this thought crosses my mind.

“Aren’t you afraid your baby is going to be polka dot?” (Said seriously).(whisperwhisper)“I’m just worried about him.” “I’m just worried about her.” (To our faces) “Aren’t you worried about how hard it’ll be for your kids?” Heard it on the regular. And then the Catch-22. How did we get here — shunned by potential gf cuz skin TOO dark, but when a non-POC loves him. “What does he think he‘s doing?”

It’s hard and been hard BECAUSE you, our neighbors, acquaintances and community, feel it’s ok to make these comments, fail to see individuality, see no need to stand for something better — something that mirrors your soul — and all our souls.

Me: What a conundrum is right. Gotta fight it. But fighting and anger fulfills the fantasies of our society and is used as an excuse for more of the same.

Sometimes I think that the only positive in a childhood of neglect is that we escape these instructions and reprimands and guidances. No one cared enough. So we get to come to our own unique conclusions.

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