Pesky Westie (8 things you should know, before getting one)

Last year at Crufts the Best in Show Champion was a West Highland Terrier named Devon. The first Westie to win for more than 20 years!! After watching the show I was completely in love with little Devon, she was well groomed, obedient and stayed still for more than 20 seconds!!

Cue me looking at my 5 year old Westie……. The complete opposite. So I’ve decided to highlight a few things you should know about them before getting one.

1) Terror not Terrier – Imagine having a toddler, as puppies they have endless amounts of energy, and that never goes, they will always want to play, doesn’t matter if your ill, tired or even eating dinner you WILL play. They will find anything to play with, so guard your socks, otherwise you will find your little pup has a new chew toy.

2) What’s yours is theirs – but don’t think this will work the other way around. If your eating expect to have a shadow sitting directly in front of you – starring at your food the same way you would like someone to stare at you.

3) “They hate cuddles” whoever said this was horribly wrong!! Westie don’t know the meaning of personal space. Car journeys they want to sit on your lap, you want to pop to the loo they popping with you. You become a walking talking puppy pillow that they will sit, lay, sleep and snore on. But honestly there’s no better snuggle buddy.

4) Laptop Envy – you sit down, cup of tea in hand, laptop at the ready, poised to start doing some work. Then suddenly a little body is in front of you, then it’s beside you, and within a blink of an eye your laptop is now sitting beside you, and a white fluff ball is on your lap instead. They have no intention of allowing you to share your attention. Though they do like to help proof read your work, as they only want the very best for you.

4) Their ability to make you feel guilty is second to none. You about to leave the house – you will get the stare and head tilt, you make yourself something too eat – ho boy remember number 2 (above) yep you got it, you’re sharing. Bathing them they look like you’ve betrayed them.

5) They Sassy as hell – so Westies are very stubborn, they don’t like to obey, my one seems to suffer from selective hearing – you call, she ignores, you rattle the treat bag, she comes running. They also like to talk to you…. a lot. So don’t think you won’t get grumbled at and told off by your little friend. Cause they like to have the last word.

6) Presents- you better make sure you have the money to buy hundreds upon hundreds of toys cause they love opening presents, they’ll even open yours because they are just so helpful like it.

7) The Cuteness level is unbelievable!! I mean look at the picture – enough said💕💕

8) Alertness – Westie are ratters; they were used to ferret out rabbits and other small animals during a hunt. However as hunting thankfully became illegal, the use for ratters became redundant, that never the less doesn’t mean they won’t use that instinct to raise awareness over any sound, when you’re watching TV, when the neighbor closes a door, or the wind howls outside. But at least you know they to them your safety is paramount.

So I think we can all agree that whilst these little fluff balls can be independent, sassy little divas, they make the best family members. You will love their individual personalities and be surprised by just how much character and love such a little body can give. If you do decide to add a little furry member to your family, make sure you can devote the time and love that they need. And if possible shop don’t adopt!!