Getting To Know Claire Dwoskin

Meet Claire Dwoskin, a highly dedicated child health advocate, philanthropist and vaccine safety supporter. Dwoskin is on a continuous international effort to address the rising concerns by parents, healthcare professionals, scientists, researchers and academicians regarding the growing occurrence of once-rare autoimmune diseases and disabilities that are plaguing pediatric populations as well as older adults. In recent years, Dwoskin has noticed an increase in many debilitating, chronic health conditions like autism, Alzheimer’s disease and others, which fueled her commitment to find out why.

Through the establishment of many organizations such as the Dwoskin Family Foundation and Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute, she has opened the door to support new research that aims to identify the instigating factors that cause such chronic health conditions. Dwoskin is determined to help speed up research to provide solutions to a problem that is a global crisis. With the additional support from her husband Albert, both are fully vested in the pursuit because it is the belief that discovering the root cause of the problem can provide the answers to the prevention, treatment and cure of chronic health conditions.

Scientific Research

As mentioned above, Dwoskin found the Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute and as a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, it serves as an independent, scientific and medical collaborative that conducts research on toxic ingredients. Through methodologically-sound scientific research, CMSRI has published a vast amount of information relating to the adverse effects of neurotoxins like mercury, aluminum and other ingredients that human are exposed to. This type of research may be the missing piece to the puzzle that connects to the development of many chronic illnesses.

With that said, public awareness is beginning to grow around vaccine safety as the toxins listed above are commonly found in vaccine formulations. This type of research is gaining attention, not only in the United States, but, around the world. The funded research from CMSRI and the Dwoskin Family Foundation has significantly influenced vaccine policies by governing health bodies in countries like France and Japan.

Claire’s Contributions & Memberships

Due to the many active contributions Claire Dwoskin has made in the field of autoimmunity, she holds numerous memberships to several boards and organizations. Dwoskin holds a membership at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia on the Board of Visitors, an AESKU Award recipient, a co-founder of the Vaccine Safety Conference and much more! Dwoskin currently resides in Virginia with her family and is actively working on research projects.