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When Jane Portman, Benedikt Deicke and I decided to join forces on, none of us wanted to start a company based on our personal experiences alone.

We’d each strongly felt the pains of trying to observe users’ behavior within a SaaS product, and communicate with those users at scale based on their individual behaviors. And we were excited at the prospect of building a combined user admin panel + communication tool to solve those pain points for other founders.

But we weren’t interested in joining the thousands of founders before us who’ve launched a product to scratch their own itch… and no one else’s. …

This article was co-authored by Claire Suellentrop and Georgiana Laudi. It originally appeared on the Codecademy Blog.

It’s no secret: being a “non-technical” team member at a tech company is tough. You may struggle to establish good rapport with your Head of Product, your projects may be treated with less urgency than the dev team’s, or you may feel like you’re constantly working under a microscope.

As the first marketers hired at two tech companies ourselves, we’ve experienced each of these challenges in our own careers. The good news, though? Things can improve from here. …

This time last year, 2017 was a giant, threatening void on the horizon.

I was wrapping up my time as Director of Marketing at Calendly, setting aside some cash to hold me over for a few months, and putting out feelers to my network to see who might need help (or know someone who needed help) with marketing.

My fuzzy goal was merely to “land some clients.” But beyond that, I had no master plan. I didn’t have a clue what pieces of my skillset were truly marketable, or how to even begin positioning myself as someone who could help companies grow. …

CTAConf is happening in just 19 days, y’all.

If you’re not in the know yet, CTAConf is Unbounce’s Call To Action Conference — aka THE summer event to attend if you happen to love:

  • Online marketing
  • Fun, beer, and balloons
  • Converting like it’s your job (because it is)

It also takes place in gorgeous Vancouver, which was once voted the Best Place to Spend A Few Days In June by the authors of this article.

And speaking of the authors (👋 👋), the two of us are speaking at CTAConf!

We’re Claire Suellentrop and Lianna Patch, and once we discovered each other on the Internet, we became fast friends. …

How a small team boosted their monthly demos by 30% — without putting added pressure on their swamped sales reps.

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When sales reps are swamped with so many priorities, it’s easy for hot inbound leads to slip through the cracks — killing great deals before reps can ever touch them.

So Virtru’s Director of Demand Gen wondered: could he increase the number of demos booked by letting leads schedule their *own* demos?

Let’s see how Virtru tested this idea, and how they increased their rate of demos scheduled from 30% to 60% — so you can replicate their success in your own lead nurture process.


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SaaS Marketing & Growth Advisor. Co-Founder, &

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