~ growing up~

When we get older we have to do exams in school and I haven’t done exams yet but I have done plenty of tests and last week my French teacher was talking about having to chose subjects and what we want to be when we are older but I have no clue, I want to look into marketing to know what it’s like but I don’t have a plan or anything like that.

My French teacher was saying that at Christmas time we have to chose more subjects to drop and I don’t know what I want to be when I am older so how do I know what subjects to drop? All of our teachers are saying that it’s ok to not have a plan or not know what we want to be but I think that teachers are thinking is ‘ you need to make a decision on what we want to be when we are older’ and things like that but honestly all I feel is pressure when someone says what do you want be when your older or something like that.

Last year we had a careers meeting and that is when all of our year comes together in the assembly hall and some people come in and talk about what it was like when they were in our year and what they wanted to be and how they found out that they wanted to be what they are now and right now all I want to be is a kid that goes to school that DOESN’T feel pressured to have my whole life planned out. But i know what subjects I like and dislike so hopefully by the time Christmas comes I have a better idea of what subjects I want to take and want to drop.


Mya xo

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