“Real Rap on a Saturday Afternoon…”

And so it seems

That I can paint my pain away using poetry

May all the love and prosperity freely flow to me

Abundance steady coming in, it’s never slow for me

so mote it be.

I know it’s me

That allows some things to get in my way

Like past pain that was swept away

no longer hidden in vain

To say that shit is the same, is the truth and a lie

As time flies, sweet hellos turn into bitter goodbyes

And I could cry, but I’m so past that.

I’m ready to grow

I know if I can tweak my mind, I’ll be ready to go

And so it seems…

The “why me” narrative has glued onto me

My need to control things and people kept haunting me

If had seen and foreseen the challenges

I’d face

I’d save face and not make haste

(But I ain’t no bitch)

Except when people hurt my feelings,

But that isn’t it

I take hit after hit

I could be talking bout spliffs

Or shit that people project onto me

I’d object, but honestly I didn’t want to see

That it was all on me…

Had I opened my mouth like I had opened my legs

I’d be well fed, not malnourished

I should be flourishing by now, but how could I progress without confessing the shit that’s on my chest?

“Man won’t you give it a rest?”

I digress.

And so it seems…

That I’ve been doing this love shit wrong

And all along I’ve longed for a person just like me, a lover just like me

A hugger just like me

A fighter just like me

A rider just like me

You tell me 7 months later that I’d finally see

That all I needed was Cee?

Well where the fuck was this knowledge at in February?

And so it seems….

That maybe now I’ll get it right

And won’t have to fight to get what I need

To get what I yearn…

Cuz if I learned anything, it’s that I must be rightfully earned

No bridges burned, just pages turned.

This shit ain’t easy…

Or so it seems…..

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