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We are excited to announce the launch of an innovative learning technology solution in response to teachers’ growing concerns for student well-being.

Co-created with teachers and students, the app enables educators to cultivate a deeper connection with students via a safe, secure and structured platform. Clanbeat’s app allows teachers to quickly and precisely hone in on students’ well-being, utilise relevant data to support student’s individual development journeys and together strengthen the foundations for lifelong, self-directed learning.

At the forefront of the education evolution, Clanbeat’s solution is reinforced by leading education psychologists and is already launching across multiple schools in Estonia…

Are you a passionate educator who wants to support students in taking an active role in their learning and life (i.e. agency)?

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We at Clanbeat are building an innovative solution to take students on the cycle of setting goals, planning actions, acting and reflecting, supporting both their growth and well-being. We are looking for a cohort of passionate teachers to co-create a solution for a powerful shift towards more growth and well-being of students.

Join us HERE:

(Applications are due on September 30)

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We are at the beginning of a great journey and although we have done something right to reach the point where we are today, it has not been through well-thought communication and marketing. In fact, we have been so busy with co-creating our product and talking with school leaders and students around the world that our public presence and building a loving community around us has been “mildly” neglected.

Well, not anymore.

For the first time ever we are looking for the Head of Communication and Marketing for creating awareness (how do we introduce Clanbeat to people who don’t know…

Kas, miks ja kuidas planeerimist harjutada

Praeguse olukorra valguses oleme palju mõelnud noortele — kuidas kasvada iseseisvaks õppijaks.. juba täna. Ja kuidas meil, täiskasvanutel, oleks kõige parem seda toetada?

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Prindi välja ja visualiseeri oma nädal

Nii panime Tallinna Ülikooli teadlastega pead kokku ja saime valmis abivahendi, mis võiks aidata uutes oludes järjest enesekindlamalt, rõõmsamalt ja tegusamalt toimetada. Mõtlesime selle loomisel ennekõike inimestele vanuses 13 — …

Leiad alustamiseks vajaliku SIIT.

Noored, lugege ise ning jagage ka oma vanemate ja õpetajatega.

Vanemad, aidake noortel selle abivahendini jõuda ning julgustage ja toetage sellega katsetamist. Katsetage ise ka! :-)

Kõigi küsimuste, kommentaaride ja ettepanekute eest oleme väga tänulikud. Võtke meiega ühendust aadressil

Olge terved…

In times of need, the community needs to stand up to help in every way we can to support the growth of each other. We are, after all, one world. That’s why we decided to make Clanbeat free from the start of the COVID-19 virus to help all schools connect, communicate and educate our kids the best way possible.

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If you’re a head of school, teacher or an administrator at a K-12 school, university, or educational institution using Clanbeat for running virtual teachers room to coordinate the work of your people, you can use Clanbeat for free.

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(Tallinn, Estonia, 9th December 2019) — Clanbeat is excited to announce the closure of $ 1,2 M funding from Mistletoe Inc and angel investors Martin Henk and Ragnar Sass. The funds will be used to support the development of a platform focused on assisting the growth of people as self-driven learners and expansion to new markets.

Designing meaningful growth experiences

A world with increasingly complex challenges that need to be solved requires us all to raise our learning skills like never before. Most contemporary education systems have established their goals around self-driven learners. …

At the end of 2018, we took a strong course to focus on schools: contributing to making educational environments awesome workplaces where people want to work and contribute at the peak of their highest potential. Now, many of our clients have started to ask whether they could use our software with students and this has brought us to the beginning of the whole new era. We have built a great tool that is supportive of adults navigating their development. But, what does it take to truly help students to grow? …

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A dose of leadership & org culture in 18min — perfect for a little coffee break!
The discsussion has been uploaded to SOUNDCLOUD.

Or you can click to listen right here:

“Why The Most Human Companies Will Win” — Ulf Hallan and Ieva Vaitkeviciute

Ulf Hallan is a speaker, trainer and strategic advisor who has been helping managers and their teams for almost 3 decades. He keeps an eye on industry’s trends but doesn’t necessarily run along with them — he has enough experience to know that some things, and some values, never change.

Some things, and some values, never…

It’s been a full year since we shared our enthusiasm on what’s coming up in the field of HR, management, and life at work. In 2018, we’re glad to see some of these movements maturing and taking on new forms. And then there are some we’re happy to say goodbye to.

Here are the 3 trends that have us looking forward to 2018. Feel free to share your own favorites down in the comments!

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Employee Experience Personalization and Customization

Forbes predicts a shift from Employee Engagement to Employee Experience (EX) saying that “2018 Will Be the Year of Employee Experience”.

“2018 will finally be a…

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Today I was asked about feedback. Oh how I enjoy these questions. It’s like snow for my Asian friends or Christmas for my beloved colleague Kadri.

I believe that personal relationship plays a crucial role in giving and receiving feedback. Therefore, trust is a must-have for any workplace aiming to maintain a healthy culture with an appreciation for feedback. And I’m not talking about one time agreement suggested by the power holder (manager): “ Let’s trust each other. Ok?”.

Trust-based relationships take time to develop. Those with power in their hands have to be patient and invite their followers to…


Self-directed learning and personal growth management. Onboarding & culture of collaboration. Growth through community.

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