#10,000BC — The Whole Point

Read this and absorb it and learn.

Ok so Channel 5 have started a new program called 10,000BC. The whole point of the show is experimental, remember that word “experimental” its a big key to what im going to tell you.

Man has been evolving for thousands of years, we have passed major milestones along the way, from the discovery of fire to the creation of the wheel to modern day times of superfast internet and electric cars, and its all come about because of one natural thing that mother nature placed up on us — Evolution.

Now, with all that man has accomplished during our evolution we know very little about our Mesolithic ancestors. So the idea was formed to try an experiment (there it is that word i told you to remember) to see if 20 modern day Brits could live and work as our ancestors may have done. Now remember we dont know much about them most of what we do know isnt backed up by documentary evidence, most of what we know is literally best guess.

Being a fan of Twitter i am flabbergasted and quite frankly in hysterics with what i read from people who are tweeting about the show etc. What every single person is forgetting is this is an experiment. And when you forget the fundamental principle then frankly you look an idiot.

To expand on what some people are essentially moaning about on twitter there was a tweet made by what i can only assume is a vegan and i quote “What was the need to kill the turtle” ok, now lets firstly go back a bit here ok, there is this thing called the food chain, and within that everything has its place within it, ie one animal is food for another and that is food for another, and you work your way up the chain and get to Man at the very top of the food chain. So everything in this chain is food for each other and yes man is also food.

So a turtle would be seen as food for man, and yes contrary to popular belief it would have been the same in the stone age as well. A turtle is no different to eating a rabbit, a deer etc, it is simply food. If you dont look at it like that then you are going to struggle to eat and survive. To be blunt the turtle is food, get over it. I dont here you moaning about the Hare that was expertly dispatched by Paul.

Now, we move on to more pressing things, well not pressing but important shall we say. Many people on Twitter are getting this show mixed up and confused with some sort of Bear Grylls survival show. This isnt a surivial show, it is an experiment and with that an experiment comes with a set of paramaters, survival has no paramaters if you make a bad choice you could end up dead, 10,000BC isnt here to try and kill people. Its here to try and establish one simple question, Can modern day man return to our ancestral roots? With that comes a lot of things we have to learn to do again and thats learning how to build a shelter, how to forage for food, how to catch and kill for food. It amazes me that people are shocked at this revelation that man killed animals for food and it highlights a fundamental problem in society today. We have become to sensitive with the modern day advances we have accomplished.

Every one expects to see meat in a plastic pack and clearly forget where it came from. It was part of an animal that was slaughtered for us to eat. With that fundamental inability to recollect that our food came from something living it highlights we have lost our ancestral roots completely.

So far i have enjoyed watching the show and interacting with people on Twitter. My time on Twitter has shown me that there are far far too many people out in the world today that clearly lack the understanding of simple things such as this program. Its scary to think that there are so many people with that mentality.

For my final point, many people have stated that the fellow brits on the show should have been given more training or had survival experts in the camp with them who had skills etc. NO! This fundamentally undermines the whole purpose of the experiment and would be totally pointless in carrying it out. Mesolithic man had to learn from nothing, and so it should be for the Brits in the camp. I understand that people will say its hypocritical to say no to survival experts etc and not to intervention by production or medical staff but again its an experiment with set questions to be answered its not here to put people at risk or harm people and quite frankly its a good thing that they are on hand but in the background to help when its needed.

Many people seem to look at this program with a completely different set of expectations. They look at it as if its a survival show and its not in any sense at all. If it was there would be no support at all, but because its an experiment there is support, just as every experiment has.

Im looking forward to the next episodes to see how they are getting on, we started with 20 were now down to just 6 in less than 3 weeks, and this experiment is due to last 8 weeks. Will it get to 8 weeks or will the experiment collapse? All we can do is continue watching and find out.