(imo) ppl on earth reaction when they are not afford to stuff :-)

Yesterday, I’ve seen my Japanese friend said 
I can’t afford this DVD, I’m rather gonna die!

However, I had the empathy of it, I replied “me, too”
it doesn’t mean I wanna die, just know how she want it.
Then she asked me to “Together Suicide?!” *shock*

It make me think about “suicide issue” in Japan.

We all have seen a lot of movie and news about 
committed suicide, together suicide. or suicide club.

Suicide Club (2001) by Sion Sono

Japan, the most highest rate of Suicide, maybe it effects people’s mind.

Deeper, we all known the country of most discipline people would be Japan.
No wonder why people want to kill themselves than begging to anyone.


Now, I’m living in Thailand. When people really want some stuff,
they tend to say “I want to sell myself/mines exchange with a thing

That means “hooker” maybe, It’s just a joke.
(No intention for discrimination, stop drama!)


In China, we all have seen the news about “sell the kidney” 
like these guys who want iPhone6s, how could it really happen?

here: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/iphone-6s-chinese-men-try-to-sell-kidney-to-buy-new-handset-10501755.html

only side of kidney for sell

This is Chinese style, when they are not afford the stuff.
If we think about what’s China do, trading? Not weird if they can sell it.

It might famous enough for the news headline!
here: http://www.cnbc.com/2016/09/09/chinese-apple-addicts-wont-be-selling-their-kidneys-for-an-iphone-7-anytime-soon.html

“Chinese Apple Addicts won’t be Selling their Kidneys for an iPhone7…”


Flew back to the US, “We are stealing!” or rob!

Bonnie & Clyde (1967), Arthur Penn

We all have seen in a lot of movie, cartoon and news!
Americans not sell the thing for another thing, we do have arms, let’s rob it!

Even in a song, like this one

“I love stealing, I love taking things” (this one I love most)

Note that America, most rating of criminal… hmm, interesting!


Maybe the word you said, or what’s on your mind 
reflected where you’re come from…


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