I am Clara, not my real name but I have been using it for years. A name I never thought would become my real name. My husband also calls me this.

I have a flexible-ish work schedule. My job title has always contained the word ‘Engineer’. There was once a taxi driver asked me what do I do, I told him I am an "xxxx Engineer". He said to me, eh, everyone is an Engineer. Outside work, I like psychology, economics, and food. My favourite writer is Haruki Murakami and favourite book is Norwegian Woods by him.

I will write this in both Chinese and English. I do not expect much from this, but for the first time I am thinking this is not just for myself.

There is no absolute despair, just like there is no perfect writing in the world. It reads after all much better, the other way round.



我现在的工作属性比较的灵活。 我所有做过的工作名称里都会带上“工程师”三个字。 曾经在搭乘出租车的时候被问起工作是什么。 我说我是某某某工程师啊。出租车司机对我说大家都是工程师。 除了工作以外,我比较喜欢心理学,经济学,除此以外就是美食。 我是村上春树的忠实爱好者,最喜欢书是他的挪威的森林。

这回每一篇 blog我都会用中文和英文来表述。我没有期待太多的东西,但是第一次我感觉这不是仅仅写给自己的博客。