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My name is Clare Barry, and I’m an alcoholic.


I’m a copywriter. Who likes to drink.

You may remember me from my greatest hits, such as “Everyone’s a copywriter, right?

Yes. Unfortunately this has nothing to do with that.

I’m writing a travel book. Sort of. Kinda. Maybe? I don’t know. It’s a travel mental breakdown. In written form. That sort of covers it.

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Anyway, if you liked my other stuff — and, well, you’re following me so I guess you did? …

The tagline on my website says: “I write down ideas for money”.

I’m a copywriter, so this is true — generating ideas is my actual job. People pay me because I basically make something out of nothing. If you haven’t got a name, I’ll give you one. If you haven’t got a brand, I’ll build you one. If you haven’t got an advert — I’ll think of one.

Due to this tagline (I think) — I get one question more than any other:

“How do you go about coming up with ideas?”

or worse

“What’s your idea generation process?”

It usually comes from copywriters/creatives who are trying to learn — but the question can honestly come from anywhere, and it makes me stumble every time. …

There’s a joke in the creative industry that “everyone is a designer”, making light of how infuriating it is to have someone (without a visual background) tell a designer how things should look.

It’s a huge and common problem, caused by a “client is always right” attitude — something we’ve all experienced, and all must endure. There is a point where you can actually see the lights go off in a designer’s eyes as their soul tries to escape their body — and that point is usually the 10th round of amends.


Less talked about is the “everyone is a copywriter” problem. Today, we’re going to address that and dissect some of the things your copywriter is thinking when you decide that you’re also a midweight copywriter… but probably won’t say. …

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