The last days have seen the #Zimbabweanlivesmatter floating like hotcakes with celebrities amplifying the cause. Today is heroes day and yet again will take a moment to ask ourself what we talking about really when we say Zimbabwean lives matter with all the events going on and us celebrating heroes of Zimbabwe? What are we talking about here?

Here are 5 Things I believe are important for us to discuss and act upon to move forward, let me know your thoughts and lets connect on these actions:

Let us listen to the Grassroots Voices

The fight is not only a political one, the outcry is not about…


What is #Rwanda known for ? The last week we had a sneak peak into how this country is developing into the model African Country when it comes to cultivating a good foundation for its young people to succeed in engaging in partaking in the economic landscape with high focus on Processes and policies that empower Technology companies to succeed — particularly startups formed by young people. Find out more later on regarding some insights on Rwanda and its young people.

Below 3 things that are making Rwanda a hub for tech startups by young people:

  • Starting a company spares…

How do black males navigate the world, in industries dominated by white males?

Clare Rudo

Invested in Development, Business & Leadership #Strategy #Futureofwork #Supplychain #Sustainability #Startups #Millennialsphere #Engineeringpioneers #CliorLarni

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