Everything You Want to Know About Cello Insurance

Choosing the cello insurance requires a proper understanding of what all you need covered for your instrument. Specific to your needs, you would be able to get a customized insurance that will relieve you off all the tensions.

The first question is whether you are an amateur musician or someone who plays cello for a living. The choice of your instrument insurance depends a lot on the answer to this question. You may want to list out what all you need from the insurance cover,

Listing out the needs
It all starts with what you expect from the insurance cover.

  1. General insurance: Most of you might have a homeowner’s insurance but, that won’t take care of all your needs. You need something more than a homeowner’s insurance to make sure your instrument is well taken care of. Right from being robbed of your instrument to having the instrument broken and in need of repair, the cello insurance is what you need. It will offer rental expenses as well, in case you need to rent out a cello for your program
  2. Liability insurance: You may want to copyright all the compositions you have created, which is your asset. The insurance should ideally protect your assets in the best way possible. Make sure your insurance covers this aspect as well
  3. Worker’s Compensation: In case you have people working for you, a good worker’s compensation is a must for your insurance cover. This will help you insure your workers and keep them secure in any way possible. From health cover to accident insurance, the worker’s compensation should consider all aspects
  4. In transit: Insurance should cover the repair costs as well as replacement costs of the cello during transit. If something happens when you are travelling with the instrument, your insurance should take care of it, and make sure you don’t have to pay for it

Choosing the right cello insurance
It is important to choose the right insurance for your instrument. Here are the tips to choose the right provider.

  1. Check for experience: It is important to have an experienced insurance provider as your partner. They will help you choose the right insurance, and make sure you have everything covered that is important for your instrument
  2. Customizing options available: It is important to know if they have customizing options made available for your insurance needs. The insurance is an area where “one size fits all” concept just won’t work. You might need to customize your cover to match your individual needs, which might differ for the teacher and the professional cello player.
  3. The offering: What all are they offering you against the premium you are paying. The entire cover needs to be checked, along with the premium you are paying. It should not happen that you are paying a hefty premium but not enjoying the benefits that you should ideally
  4. Reviews: The reviews and ratings are equally important when you are investing in insurance. That needs to be checked before you actually work with them.
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