Configuring Working Hours in K2 Blackpearl

Recently I ran into a task where I had to configure sending reminder notifications only during business hours. I was used to configuring event escalations for the default setting, so I was a bit stumped on how to do this. Luckily, it isn’t that complicated and K2 provides the necessary things to do this configuration. Let me explain…

<h1>Step 1</h1>

In order to configure your own working hours, you have to create your own Time Zone. To do this, you need access to the K2 Workspace. Once here, navigate to Management Console -> Workflow Server > Working Hours Configuration. If you haven’t setup anything yet, it will tell you nothing has been configured. Right click on this node and select “Add New Zone”. This will open a new window where you can specify your time zone and also what you define your working hours to be. In addition you can include any exceptions (such as holidays) or Special days (such as overtime etc). All this in explained in more detail at this link:

Only thing to caution is when checking the “Is Default Check Box”. When checked, this will impact all instances who are configured to use the Default Server Zone. If you do not want to apply the same setting to all process, leave this unchecked.

<h1>Step 2</h1>

The server part is done. Now let’s get to the portion of configuring the event escalation.

Open your Event Escalation. By default, the “Use default working hours during execution” will be checked and the “Use Server Default Zone” radio button will be selected.

Uncheck the “Use default working hours during execution”. This will now display a Zone field where you can drag and drop your custom zone. Go to Object Browser -> Environment -> Workflow Management Server(s) -> Workflow Management Server -> Zones

Under here, you should be able to see the Zone that you configured in Step 1. Drag and drop it and behold!, you have just completed configuring Working Hours for your event escalation. For more details on various options that are available when specifying zone, check out this link: