Growth Through Stretching

You only grow to the level in which your pushed. Meaning if your stretched as far as possible before breaking you’ll generally grow that much or more.

The more we are pushed and stretched the more we grow. We develop to the level in which pressure is applied.

No pressure no growth. Little pressure little growth. Much pressure much growth.

Welcome challenges. Welcome things that are beyond your abilities. Welcome things that test your patients and resolve. Through those things you’ll stretch yourself for amazing growth. Little challenges aren’t helpful because they don’t encourage critical thinking and they don’t encourage growth through struggle.

Life struggles and challenges will prepare you — not only that they will teach you and as a natural consequence you will get stronger and grow.

Always ask: what can this teach me. How can this teach me. What can I learn from this. Then look for solutions.

You want to be pushed to the breaking point as much as possible in life. It will drastically speed up your development as a person.

Just remember. Don’t break & if you do. Pick yourself up dust off and get back into the game.

You’ll look back and be thankful for all you went through to get to where you are and believe it or not you’ll start to welcome those tough challenges.

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