The Life and Death of Lexa
Jason Rothenberg

“The road to hell was paved with good intentions.” You should try being on the receiving end, of your so called good intentions Jason — maybe then you would see how anger and betrayal really feel.

Also, this thing — thats supposed to look like an apology is completely meaningless & void of substance. The fact that you, “have done some reflecting,” know the trope, but still would have killed Lexa? Why are you even writing a response 3 weeks too late, if all you have to say is you would have killed her differently? Would she have just gotten shot by a bullet that was meant for her instead? #GetsShotByAccident

Your lack of integrity on the issue does not inspire me or anyone else. I’m surprised you’re still the show-runner and “lead writer” if excuses & cheap lines are all you’ve got. I hope you have fun at WonderCon on Sunday. Maybe some actual reality will put you in your place.