College, Self & Community : My Digital Story

For my digital story I am leaning towards the option that evolves identity, values, strengths, academic and professional interests involving my first year of college. I am choosing this option for my Digital Story because I think it is the most relatable prompt for me. For my identity, I can discuss and analysis my experience being an African-American female on campus. I can share how I decided to join the Black Student Union because it is a place on campus were I don’t feel like I stand out. The Black Student Union is a place were I can study and soicalize with other students of color. For my values, I can emphasize how important being in college and getting an education is to me. I am so thankful for being admitted into a great institution like the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities. I also value my friends and family more than anything in the world. My mother and my brother mean so much to me and I know that they will support me no matter what. The friends that I have from High School and the friends that I have made so far have made my transition from High School to my first year of college so smooth. I value the relationships I have built for so many years. I also really value experiencing the world, traveling and doing new things. I think that travel, experiencing new cultures and making memories is the best way to grow and learn. For my strengths, I excel in varies creative outlets. I love fashion, photography and writing. My dream job would be to work for a major fashion magazine in New York City or overseas in France or Great Britian. I love keeping track of the latest and greatest fashion trends. I follow many models and fashion designers. I also count down the days until fall and spring fashion week each year. What I love about photography is the moments one shot can capture. I love exploring minneapolis and finding murals and abandon structures to take photos. I also love to take photos with my polaroid camera. Writing is something that I have always done on my free time. I like to write poetry and short stories. One of the greatest writers of all time that I look up to is Maya Angelou. For my academic and career interests, I thinking about majoring in Journalism and hopefully landing a job at a major fashion magazine. To gather the information that I need for my digital story, I would like to incorporate my photos and film video clips. I plan to take many new photos and video, but also incorporate ones that I already have. Some initial research questions I have are: how being a biracial female on campus will effect how others view me and my potential, how to incorportate my strengths into a career that is right for me, how my values will drive how I make my decisions, and how will my success as a student on campus shape my future.