Clash Royale Hack: How to Get Free Gems

There is just one game as Clash Royale, (Oficial website) it is so fun and addictive that you can’t stop playing it. Personally I have passed the virus of CR to all my friends. So we all are now addicted to that enormously addictive game.

It’s a classic strategy game where you are need to collect cards and use them for battle. It’s a multiplayer online game. This is similar like many other phone games and it if you like this genre as much I like you will love it. So if you didn’t try it yet now is time to install it and starts playing. This is official android download page so if you are using your phones click on the link a install it, just be careful it will take you a lot of the free time and it will be a first thing you will think in the morning.

Resources in the game: Gold, Elixirs and Gems

In this game you can collect many things that can help you wining the matches and making advance and progress on your account. Most wanted things in CR are the Gold, Gems, and Elixirs. You can use real money to purchase those virtual goods needed in the game or you can collect them by finishing tasks in the game.

The problem starts when you realise that many people use real money to top up their goods so they are much stronger then you. If you find yourself in situation that you don’t have money to play purchase items, you will see that real progress will be hard to make. That’s the main reason why many of us are searching for the cheats or hacks to get those resources for free. So I have decided to try all possible solutions and to share with rest of the world my discoveries.

Review of the Online Hacks and Cheats for Clash Royale

In the first sentence I have to say that 98% of the things I have tried searching and exploring on the Internet are total fakes. They force you to do stuffs and you don’t get anything on the end.

But there is like 2% of the stuffs I have found that really helped my gaming and yes I got resources top up in my account. I know this is something I shouldn't be proud off, but really I don’t have money to purchase Gold or Gems.

So, the sites and tools that I have found that are working are bellow.

I have followed instructions on this Prezi presentation I found on the Internet

That have guide me on the great online hack tool that I just have to add my user name and choose device and click on the start button.

The features of this nice tool are: get you unlimited gems, unlimited gold and it’s totally safe so your account won’t be banned.

I hope this will help your game and maybe we will meet in the arena of glory crossing swords.

That’s al for now. On the end of this story I can only hope that I have help you and I can give you advice to use this what I have just shared with wisdom and don’t be too greedy then they will fix this glitch.

Resources I followed making this post exploring hacks and cheats for CR