ESWC Winter 2017 Clash Royale Tournament

The youtuber returns to the mini P.E.K.K.A., a very powerful unit, and proposes a versatile clash royale hack deck that it declines in several versions to make it accessible from the arena 5.

Trapa’s Video Gameplay

Articulated around the mini P.E.K.K.A., composed of offensive and versatile cards, this deck proposes simple, effective and varied mechanics in attack as well as defense. In addition, its average elixir allows cycling quickly. By replacing the ice spirits by goblins or skeletons, and the log by arrows you can play this deck in Arena 5 without losing too much efficiency.

How to play the deck?

In attack:

If you have the mini PEKKA in hand, you can directly take the initiative of the offensive by placing it in the background of map and build a push by accompanying it of a giant placed just in front to make a very aggressive combo Or mini PEKKA alone using your spells or your ice spirits to handle the opposing defense. The second offensive force of this deck, you can also attack with the giant combination + gargoyles, this one will protect them from the opposing defense while they will inflict great damage to the tower. With this deck, it is possible to vary the attacks. Abuse it to surprise the opponent and force him to adapt constantly.

In defense:

Even if the deck has a very good offensive potential, do not neglect the defense. The spell log, or arrows if you do not have it yet, and the spell electrocution will easily clean the terrain of small troops such as the skeleton army or even the princess. Also remember to keep the log to counter larger attacks by retreating units like elite barbarians, pig rider, golem … and organize your defense with the musketeer, ice spirits, The gargoyles see the mini PEKKA If need be to make an impassable wall. Against the hangman, also use the mini P.E.K.K.A., which is relatively strong against him.