MetaXeno Weekly Report 28th Mar — 10th Apr

01. Completed daily mission functions;

02. Completed game guilds functions;

03. Completed the daily treasure hunting function;

04. UI upgrade of official heroes leveling up function;

05. Optimized star upgrade system of heros;

06. Added new weapon composing system;

07. Added items: experience cards, treasure hunting tickets, etc;

08. Added some heroes’ action effects;

09. Created a page of mystery NFT box in personal wallet at official website;

01. Metaxeno Hero Naming Contest — The winner is 1️⃣ Memphis

1️⃣ Memphis won votes with the highest number of supporters in the Metaxeno Hero Naming Contest with 83 votes.

Congratulations to the winner, @Biiendoll (Twitter), who will receive 20 XENO.

There are also 10 finalists who will receive 1000 MXT each!


03.Stage 2 of METAXENO X Project Galaxy Airdrop CAMPAIGN has ended, all the qualified participants will be rewarded with the NFT. We will announce the winner list in 7 working days.

04. METAXENO will deploy on OKC. OKC will provide technical support for the integration of the game and marketing support,

At the same time, the METAXENO game will launch on OKC (OKXChain) for the first time. Before the game goes live, METAXENO and OKC will jointly launch a series of community activities to reward the early gamers.

05. Upcoming events

1)METAXENO is going to commence the IDO Whitelist Campaign within this week.

2)We are recruiting Discord Moderators, which can earn various rewards at the same time. Please stay tuned with our official announcement.

01. MetaXeno Twitter fans: 32,600

02. MetaXeno Telegram: 22,987

03. MetaXeno Discord: 23,946

About Metaxeno

🪐 MetaXeno is an NFT-GameFi which aims to build a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

🌟 Competitive advantages of MetaXeno:
✅ Free To Earn.
✅ In-game token had launched on OKX Exchange platform (former OKEX).
✅ Diverse ecological development.




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MetaXeno is an NFT-GameFi which aims to build a mutually beneficial ecosystem for its supporters.