EduTech Guys Podcast Features ClassWallet #SchoolBusiness

ClassWallet had the opportunity to be featured on the EduTechGuys podcast. The EduTechGuys are the combined force of Jeff Madlock and David Henderson whose Twitter bio succinctly breaks down what they are about: Over 40 years of combined educational technology experience set loose on the world of podcasting.

Take a listen here as ClassWallet President, Neil Steinhardt, explains how ClassWallet is helping to digitize and improve back office processes in education. As the EduTechGuys point out, “K12 education has a ton of room for technological improvement,” which is why ClassWallet is working to empower teacher and school finance officers by bringing important fintech services to the education world.

We hope you enjoy the show! As always you can follow the conversation with the #FinTech4Ed and #SchoolBusiness hashtags.

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