Guide to best wedding speeches

best wedding speeches

You’re all decked out in fancy dresses and tuxes. The audience’s expectations are high! Now, you have to deliver.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re performing the bridesmaid speech, best man speech, father of the bride speech or the groom wedding speech. Giving a wedding speech or a wedding toast can be nerve racking. It doesn’t have to be if you follow some basic rules and do some preparation work.

Here’s what I have learned: any wedding speech video that says “You have GOT to see this!!!!!” is lying. Also, a lot of wedding speeches are a “you had to be there” kind of thing — not that they aren’t funny, but the humor doesn’t always translate to strangers on the Internet.

Having said that, it’s important to note that most wedding speeches are really similar — and that is completely fine. Sure, some of the ones linked below are a-maz-ing, but guys: I don’t think most people expect you to sing. If you watch these and are inspired to mix up your speech a little, remember to play to your strengths (and maybe don’t get hammered). For example, in one of the videos below, family members gathered to slow jam the toast a la Jimmy Fallon… but it turns out one of those family members used to have her own popular YouTube channel.

TL;DR: when it comes to wedding speeches, keep it fun, light, and packed with all the feelings that you feel. The rest will (most likely) fall into place. Let’s get inspired.


This sister/maid of honor decided to use a pop culture mash-up to review the bride’s entire life. The story goes like this: their mom decided the best way to get her eight-days-late baby Earthside was to have a days-long dance party… and it worked. The best part of this? The reactions of the bride and groom. Yaaaassss.


The groom’s brothers decided that singing their speech was really the best way to go, and chose a handful of songs (including “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias and “Single Ladies” by Bey) to express all their feels. It’s not a hundred percent funny and I could do without the wigs, but their hearts are in the right place (and it’s just over five minutes).


Are you guys familiar with Jimmy Fallon’s slow jamming of the news? (If not, one of my recent faves is this one with Barack Obama.) Well, the maid of honor, the bride’s cousin, and the bride’s brother all decided they wanted to slow jam the wedding toast… and I kind of love it.


The guy who kicks off this one says he’s “not really good for emotions” but come on, y’all look at that bottle. He’s great, and the group “Awwwwws” are even better. The group then also redoes the wedding, and other drunk people continue to give toasts throughout the ten (!) minutes this plays. Fair warning: there’s a lot of language, drunkenness, and references to drugs.


Okay, this one was included because (a) the bride’s eleven-year-old is giving the speech, (b) he references her over-parenting and it made me laugh, and (c )OMG GUYS HIS ACCENT IS SO PRECIOUS DIE.

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Recently I was invited to be the best man for my friend’s wedding. I had originally introduced the two of them a couple of years earlier and was honored to be the best man. Although I often speak in from of small groups, I found the whole process for months ahead quite stressful. One week before the wedding I eventually downloaded from weddingspeech4u. It was certainly a breath of fresh air. After the months of trying to work out what I was meant to be saying and doing, I was fully informed in 15 minutes.

On top of this it gave me lots of great speeches that were easy to adapt to suit my situation. The wedding was a little bit different from the norm, in that it was in Thailand, as he had married a thai girl. This did mean that the ceremony was quite different and so was the order of service. Despite this I believe the information and ideas that weddingspeech4u provided were invaluable. I would have no hesitation on recommending it to others. It gave me many great intros to choose from, outlined the absolute necessities and proved paragraphs that could just have names changed to suit my friends wedding. It also came with many highly usable quotes. The biggest problem was doing only one!

By downloading the weddingspeech4u eBook, I was given ways to overcome nerves, information on what should be said, ways of saying things and orders of the speech. On top of this there were great checklists for the best man, and the bucks night. The suggested ideas for bachelor parties are something I will use again for other events, not just bachelor parties.

This is an invaluable resource that I would recommend to anyone that is involved in a wedding. It saved hours of time and made it clear in my head what i was actually required to do. Also the little tips of what the best man should have on him on the day like headache tablets is a vital resource.

I have attached a picture of myself with the maid of honor at the wedding.

Thanks again

Stephen Bell
Western Australia

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