The Importance of Bruegger’s Relief Position..And Your Heart Chakra

The importance of good posture cannot be overstated. It aligns your organs internally; when your head and neck are in good alignment it frees up all the plexus areas that are rich with nerves, veins and arterial complexes. We are in constant anterior rotation -forward postures: computers, driving, desk work, picking up small children, patients.. the list goes on. Curious connection to our Heart Chakra here; we also happen to live in a time of great fear(s) which our media does a great job of feeding. So we’re slumping forward, shoulders rounded — we are also covering, shielding our Heart Chakra. Don’t underestimate this as some kind of Spiritual Voodo mumbo jumbo; it most certainly is not. As East meets West we have come to understand the deep, rich life inside of our soul or spiritual self. It is scary to live open heartedly. Do it anyway. It is frightening to be vulnerable. Do it anyway. It is tiring to have to look deep inside and shore up. Do it anyway. It is frightening to love without thought, to love with abandon; it may not be returned to us. Do it anyway. Your muscles will thank you.

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