What a pathetic article, your Republican Party doesn’t win election, mine shall win with Trump.
Gregory Smith

This is horrifying. Literally, chilling-my blood went cold. The initial piece was respectful and, while I do think it’s too late for the grand romantic turnaround it calls for, it was pointed and opened a platform for discussion. (I do wish the D and R parties looked more like John Adams and Abraham Lincoln-THAT is arguably how our bipartisan government started, and where the ORIGINAL fundamentals of each party took shape). And then this response appeared as if to highlight all of the painful points of the original piece with a living example. It is nothing but insults and rudeness. Very Trumpovian…somehow this guy is yelling the loudest without even using all caps, and he seems to believe that by yelling loudest he will “win”.

Maybe this is why the electoral college was originally intended to limit who could vote: so that widespread ignorance would not trump the educated minority (get it? Trump? Sorry, couldn’t help myself… ;)

And yes, I know, it was all white men, and a deeply flawed and “unamerican” -by today’s standards-system of voting. Yes, yes, we all get a vote. Even this guy, Mr. Offend-Them-Into-Agreeing-With-Me-Or-Maybe-I’ll-Just-Shoot-You-Since-Now-We-All-Know-I-Have-A-Gun…

But seriously…what would the political landscape look like if voters had to pass a basic IQ test?

Or maybe just a test designed to measure if you are a racist sexist hateful asshole?