Yes, I did it. I took a pause.

One of the big fears in the working and professional world is to take a pause. The big S (for sabbatical). To stop, breath and think. To reflect on where you are, in which direction you are going and how does your future looks. You know it takes courage to do it because many will judge you, doubt you, think that you have lost your mind. But it is just the opposite: as you want to keep your sanity, it is imperative to stop.

About two years ago, I took on some volunteer projects which started taking more and more time until I felt I was stretching thin, in addition to some clients that had drained my energy and patience. We all have those clients, the ones that believe that paying for a certain amount of time or service, buys them the privilege to misbehave and use you as the therapist. Sorry, we design lighting, interiors, homes, graphics… not minds, emotional states and personal lives.

I decided to take the time to think on how I want to do business, what is acceptable, how to find balance. It made me think about how people act and be more aware of my own actions, responses and words that can be hurtful, sometimes beyond repair, and are ofter used to alleviate the pain each of us carry in life and, has nothing to do with the situation that triggered the event. I read, slept, did yoga, walked, took care of my home and my love, studied and become a yoga teacher, meditated, cultivated friends and wrote, to be more in tune with me every day more and in tune with my fellow humans.

Being a designer is not only to have the awareness to visualize the exterior. When you can see space, you can see yourself, you can design who you are and how to be in the world. You can choose your beliefs and live them in your professional and personal life. After all, I am one showing different aspects of myself. Are you courageous to take a sabbatical, to stop, regroup and shine?

Originally published at on October 6th, 2015

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