Who’s the Most Valuable/Important Person Selling What You’re Offering?

There is nothing new to that customers and employees from a marketing perspective are two “great untapped resources”.

These two goldmines are right under our noses, I know. But still do we often miss or neglect the fact that a customer or an employee advocating our offerings to their peers is much stronger and more convincing than any marketing material out there. In my opinion, there is really no question about it.

So besides defining your companies purposed to actually exist on social media — creating a strategy, and relevant content that compels and sustains attention through the value it transfers to the audience. You need to be thinking of how you effectively can extend your reach beyond your companies own network.

By turning your customers and employees into brand advocates, you could be leveraging the opportunity to extend your network into new demensions.

Not every customer and employee is the right person to represent your brand. Choose your advocates carefully. It is important to select the right advocates who are engaged and are likely to share your content. You need to find them where they already are. For example, find those that are active in the ecosystem, that have networks oriented around your business domain. Customers and employees are more likely to share your content if it’s relevant and compelling. Only then are they willing to out their name and let you tap into their social capital. When done correctly energizing customers and employees to share your content is a very poweful way to extend your reach at a low cost.

The challenge lies in managing and scaling. You most definitely need to be in the game for the long run. Give your advocates a platform and recognition, whitout paying them for their efforts.

Forget about short term figures. It’s all about building a relationship for the long term. Like any other relationship, start by building trust and be interested. Invite your group of advocates to actively take part of the conversation and product development. Listen carefully and be attentive to their requests. Engagement with employers and customers needs to be mutually beneficial, so understanding their needs and ambition is essential.

Also you definitely need to be ready internally in the organisation. You’ll need to dedicate at least one social media savvy employee. And equiping him/her with the right community management tools is necessary to take your game to the next level. Measure, analyze and use the data for better performance, leaving the guesswork up to everyone else.

Hope that you find these thoughts helpful. And do you guys have any tips to share? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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