Mini foundry

So I have finally created my foundry and successfully melted aluminum in it. I’m very proud of this because I had no idea how this would work. I ran into many problems; I couldn’t find a ten quart steel bucket so I bought a plastic one instead, the plaster wasn’t setting so we had to add more mix, our crucible (the bucket that the molten metal is contained within) was not of the highest quality and didn’t completely fit inside of my foundry, our makeshift lid fit but our large crucible kept it from doing its job, the air from the shopvac was making the charcoals extremely hot thus making them not last as long, we didn’t really have anything to pour it into so Roman brought out a pan. Overall though it was fairly successful for my first ever attempt at melting metal, the plastic bucket ended up partially melting towards the top but other than that it stayed intact. Our crucible is really the one that suffered, the foundry partially melted the bottom of it. We ended up with a pretty cool piece of aluminum though so we really came out on top