Loading Blade to an Android device.

A quick how-to on loading blade to an android mobile device.

This is unsupported by Adbank at this time, so if you run into problems, ask me as this feature is not yet supported by Adbank. That said — if your phone dies, not my fault. OK, lets get started:

  1. Search the google play store for “Yandex Browser”, this should be the first result that appears.

2. Select install, then open Yandex browser.

3. The program will open to a page the same as the picture below.

4. Select the 3 dots, to open the menu.

5. On the menu select “Set as default browser” (This will allow you to open the link to the chrome store easily).

6. Setting Yandex as the default browser will give you this message:

7. Select the menu again (3 dots) and scroll down to “Settings” then select Settings.

8. Select “Ad Blocking” within the Settings menu.

9. The pop-up menu will show the options pictured below. Make sure both ad-blocking features are off — this will allow Blade to work correctly.

10. Click the link below on your browser, this will take you to the Chrome extension page for Blade. In the pop-up, select Yandex to open, then “Always” as your option.

11. Chrome store will open similar to the below picture, select “Add to Chrome” on the top right of your screen.

12. Download and install will begin, this should only take a few seconds. Once installed select the menu option (3 dots) bottom right of the screen.

13. Select Extensions from the menu.

14. Select Blade from the extensions menu.

15. Blade should load up now and you will be presented with the welcome screen below.

16. From here you can either “Recover” your account if you are already a blade user, OR, get started by creating a new user. (See other tutorials for details).

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