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DraftKings Inc.

  • There’s more state legalization across the country.
  • Raises Forecast
  • Up ~36% Since I Bought It.

Torrid Holdings Inc.

  • Lower Q2 Guidance
  • 75% of the stock position sold for upside.
  • Up ~20% Since I bought it.

Outset Medical, Inc.

  • FDA seems to be in sync with Outset Medical.
  • Q2 Loss
  • Up ~17% since I bought it.

Tronox Holdings plc’s

  • Has potential for major upside.
  • Up already ~4% since I bought it.
  • Good Diversification Play

The Beauty Health Company

  • Record Q2 Financial Results
  • Down ~6% since I bought it.
  • Barely any signs of slowing down

Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc.

  • Major share loss as the company faces a variety of headwinds.
  • Up less than 1% since I bought it.
  • Major Hit, Financial Woes

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Harz, Germany Mining Hills

Tronox Holdings PLC (TROX) (Equity) (Chemicals)


  • .50 (3.23%) Forward Dividend & Yield
  • 10/25- 10/31 Earnings Date
  • At 15.48 Dollars a Share as of August 5ths Close
  • Down 35.58% (-8.55) YTD
  • P/E Ratio 4.21, Bargain, Peer Average is ~15.98x

Source: Yahoo Finance App

More Numbers

  • 1 Yr Target Estimate of 25.00
  • Average Upside +61.50% From 15.48
  • Buy Consensus
  • 9 Analyst, 7 Buys, 1 Outperform, 1 Hold
  • 7/11/22, Maintains- Barclays: Overweight

Source: CNN Business Website


  • Lower Price
  • High volatility could sink stock price lower.
  • Future high growth in the coming years thus solid future.
  • Robust Cash Flows


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Clay Kolar

Clay Kolar

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