It’s exhausting to always be writing and thinking about a new person being racist or sexist or otherwise awful. It’s exhausting to feel compelled on a consistent basis to defend your claim to dignity. It’s exhausting to then watch those defenses drift beyond the reaches of the internet’s short memory, or to coffee tables in dentists’ offices, to be forgotten about until you link to them the next time you need to say essentially the same thing.
The Racism Beat
Cord Jefferson

You should try being on the receiving end of racist, sexist, or other awful behavior. Imagine being 48-inches tall, black, gay, and Christian. I have lived with all four of those “traits” practically since birth. My choice is to affect change in people’s perceptions of my otherness through direct interaction.

I applaud you (and others) for your keen interests and actions in hauling the injustices suffered by minorities out into broad daylight, and setting aside privilege to express what you witness with intentional glaring clarity.

If this is your calling, so be it; but don’t forget to take a break to recharge, rebuild, and rehabilitate yourself—be it a few months or longer. As I’m sure you know, it’s nearly impossible to give when you have no reserve. thwarting hatred is exhausting.

Consider the heaviness in your heart and soul a battle scar. Remember that scar is only a tangible sign that you are stronger than what caused it.

Thank you for your time, your energy, and your heart. You have a God-given gift. I have no doubt you have and will continue to impact the world for good in ways that you can not begin to understand on this side of Heaven.

The world needs more Cord Jeffersons.

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