Thank you for this incredible piece.
Kendall Kendrick

Wow. Talk about being in the belly of the beast … you’re in it. How I wish I had experience with activism beyond my laptop and speaking with people. For now I have these two tips for you, I’ll scour my Twitter/Medium lists to see if I can locate people who know what to do.

My first bit of advice is to be safe. I say this not because all demonstrators are violent and white supporters; but because as in the past we’ve seen how troublemakers who are more than eager to upend a peaceful demonstration.

Second, I don’t think there’s a standard response. I would suggest that you simply be aware of and available for opportunities to serve in the moment—what that means is keep an eye out for someone with a need. One thing I noticed in Orlando after the Pulse massacre, service that had the most impact was that in which everyday people gave of what they had the moment they saw a need. It’s not the big, showy acts of service that resonate with people, it’s the one-on-one interactions that say the most. I can tell that you have an open heart and are willing to serve those in need, that’s a huge step right there.

More later. Stay safe.

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