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Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! The incidents you mention are what I (and many, many others) refer to as systemic racism (a type of racism that exists not because of a shadow cadre of individuals plotting and planning, but that’s the result of numerous individual incidents that are common within our American culture). But since the judicial system is way out of my wheelhouse I dare not address the issue. You know, the adage “writers should write what they know” comes fully into play here.

These are prime examples of how people of color are served fairly by courts and juries. Thank God for people like you who can readily recognize racism and counter its potential affects on people who simply want and deserve to be treated fairly, no matter the amount of melanin their body produces.

Thanks for this eye-opening look at how racism can oil the wheels of “justice.”

Yet another voice in the chorus that needs to be heard.

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