Zpay Network : Global Payment Solution For Blockchain Network

Zpay Network created with smart contract ethereum blockchain technology, called a token ERC20. Zpay Network allows faster transactions and efficient compared with bitcoin or other cryptocurrency. only it takes a few seconds to make a confirmation like send or received into the wallet.

Feature Zpay Network
1. Fast Transaction
2. Secure & Low Cost
3. Based On Ethereum Blockchain
4. Community Support

Spesification Token

Name : Zpay Network Token
Contract : 0xbd6a473b817843cc9ef5c02d52bb29b07976b6d7
Supply : 3.000,000
Symbol : ZPN
Decimal : 18
Verified : YES

Distributed Token

Zpay Network will be distributed in several ways airdrop, donations, bounty and token sale, as with only total supply which is 3.000,000 Zpay token, we selectively share them to some people who deserve it.
Airdrop 150.000 ZPN 5%
Token Sale 1.950.000 ZPN 65%
Bounty 300.000 ZPN 10%
Donations 390.000 ZPN 13%
Developer 210.000 ZPN 7%


Token Sale

As many 60% Zpay Network of the total supply will be our sales token to investors, you can buy Zpay Network token at the moment token sale process takes place, with it you will get the price which is much cheaper than when the Zpay Network token has entered some market exchange, you can buy instant token Zpay Network during token sale process takes place. therefore more than half of the funds from the sale of Zpay Network tokens we will allocate to the progress of the project, such as funds to do listing in some markets, and making wallet light version to android users and ios.

Supply : 3.000,000 ZPN
For Sale : 1.950,000 ZPN
Price : 1 ETH = 3000 ZPN
Sale Period : 06/12/2017–12/12/2017
Payment : Ethereum


If you want try to send maybe Donation for ZPAY Network will help us entering bigger exchanges, and you will get a reward by sending us a donation to this ETH address:
1 ETH = 3000 ZPN + 75% Bonus
0.5 ETH = 1500 ZPN + 50% Bonus
0.1 ETH = 300 ZPN + 30% Bonus
0.01 ETH = 30 ZPN + 15% Bonus

Still need more information about Zpay Network Project ? You can visit this link for get some information about their project.

Website https://zpay.network
Github https://github.com/Zpay-Network
Twitter https://twitter.com/ZpayNetwork
Blog https://blog.zpay.network
Discord https://discord.gg/NRZd69u
Email hello@zpay.network

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