Starting a (Predominantly) Science-Based ‘Fact of The Day’ Blog

Hi there! I’m Clay, a fourteen year old Californian high school student, and I’m going to start a blog here on Medium.

The blog will be about whatever I want it to be, and I’ll write whatever intrests me each day. The basic goal of this is that each day I’ll find some topic that I’m interested in and I’ll write about it, simple as that! I’ll try to keep these short and concise, probably about 200–300 words, but depending on any feedback I get, and can change it up. Most of these posts will be about science, and I imagine that they’ll be mostly either about biology or space.

My plan for this is to create fun, bite-sized content that teach you something that you didn’t know about the world. As much as I can, I’ll try to make the language and scientific terminology understandable to anyone, regardless of background, but sometimes, as you try to simplify the language, you have to sacrifice the concise-ness (is that a word?) of the writing and add words, but I’ll try to strike a balance so that it’s not too long, but also long enough to add detail.

As for where I want this to go or where I think it will go, I really have no idea. One day, my sister asked me to text her fun facts every day, and then as I started to become more invested into it, it gradually evolved into this! What I really want out of this is for people to have fun with this, if you don’t enjoy it, or don’t enjoy the content that I produce, feel free to ignore this, it simply may not be for you. But for those of you who are interested, I intend to release content on a daily basis, or at least six days a week, sometime between 12:00 AM and 11:59 PM PST.

To start, I’ll slowly trickle out some of the older content that I’ve produced prior to today, along with new content that I produce, but after that, it’ll just be things that I’ve written the day of. Anyways, I hope that you all enjoy reading this!