One of the questions we often hear from clients is this: What is the ROI of PR?

Beginning this month, we’re answering the question. In a series of blogs and infographics we’ll be examining the benefits and value of branding, messaging, media relations, content, influencer marketing, social media and more. We hope you like it, and that if you have questions, you’ll call us to ask for answers.

What is the ROI of PR? Let’s start with brand development.

Public Relations is a marketing discipline that helps to build a brand’s reputation and strengthen credibility for a company, product, service…

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Rigid compliance requirements and the unpredictability of social media are two reasons why many financial companies have been late to the social media game — with a third of financial advisors still not using social media for business in 2015 according to Corporate Insight — and countless more not fully embracing it, even today.

But the growth in mobile banking, demand for 24/7 access to businesses, threat of Amazon getting into finance, and an online way of life for GenZ and Millennials are forcing the hands of many financial companies. …

Managing a company’s social media presence can be time-consuming and at times overwhelming. But taking the time to create a plan that addresses your goals, content topics and audiences can take it from stressful to successful. Consider a concise, easy-to-follow social media strategy to help you make it manageable and effective.

Here are some tips to get you started. Plus, we’ve included a social media template for a one-page social media plan we use at Clearpoint Agency to keep our client’s social media programs on track. Is it fancy? No. Is it complicated? No. It’s a plan that fits on…

With about 500 million members across 200 countries and territories and two new users estimated to join every second, LinkedIn is the largest business social network. Three million users share content on it weekly and 44 percent of users are estimated to earn more than $75,000 a year.

It’s no surprise then that LinkedIn’s vast, connected audience can hold huge potential to meet partners, customers and prospects, drive traffic to your site, and increase your relevance in Google searches — but only if you paint an accurate picture of your company and expertise, and play by its code of conduct.

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