Why the hell should I attend WASUP?

“You keep saying this word “WASUP” What the hell are you talking about?”
Good question, WASUP is a startup and innovation conference being held in Limerick on Friday the 17th of June and you should go to it! It’s organised by the good folk at BlueChief social, and if you’ve been to any of their other events you’ll know they’re top notch.

“Ed, why the hell would I go to Limerick of all places for a business conference.”
Well firstly Limerick is a great city with a really good vibe and strong character. It’s way less touristy that it’s West Coast counterparts and is what I’ve coined “a normal city for normal people” — Which I think should be the tourist board’s slogan for the city.

Secondly, really interesting things are happening on the West coast and Limerick is at the heart of that. The conference is also taking place in the University of Limerick which is a fantastic campus and home to some very promising startups.

Thirdly, it’s time to get out of your protective city/bubble/walled garden and see what’s happening in other cities around Ireland. Us Dubs are the worst at this, there are interesting things happening all around the country not just in the capital, go check them out.

“Right, well who the hell is speaking at the damn thing?”
Glad you asked, the folks at BlueChief have rustled up a really interesting mix of speakers from all sorts of backgrounds, and it’s not just the usual suspects you see at every. single. startup event. So far the lineup is made up of:

  • Donal Cahalane — Startup Founder & Growth Specialist
  • Emily Ross — Director of Marketing and Communications at WhatClinic
  • Shane McCarthy — CEO, BlueChief Social
  • Dave Tighe — Head of Innovation at Bank of Ireland
  • Kieran Normoyle — Managing Director of Ocean Survivor
  • Oonagh McCutcheon — Customer Operations Manager at IEDR
  • Ian Lucey — Founder and CEO of Lucey
  • Tony Treacy — Irrus Investments
  • Dr. Mary Shire — Vice President for Research at The University of Limerick
  • Nubi Kay — Business Analyst at Accenture Ireland
  • Sarah O’Connor — co-founder of the Cool Food Company
  • Dave Cunningham — CEO of Beolas Innovation
  • Jill Holtz — co-founder of Mykidstime.com
  • Michael Lehane — Co-Founder and VP of Products & Services at xOverTime

And rumour on the street is there may be a few more special guests to be announced.

“Looks good, but with a lineup like that the tickets are probably really pricey”
Nope, tickets are great value as always. You can get them over here on the WASUP Eventbrite page, right now tickets are €61.50, but they are going up in price soon.

“I don’t suppose you could get me some sort of discount code?”
I could! I bullied the organiser Stephen from Bluechief into giving me a promo code, so if you use “50OFF” at ticket selection your tickets will be half price. Don’t worry you can buy me a pint to pay me back.

“Ed, you make a truly brilliant and intelligent argument for why I should attend WASUP, where the hell can I buy some tickets”
Thanks! Just head over to the Eventbrite page here and don’t forget your promo code. See you there on Friday 17th.

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