Hi, we are CLEBUS!
The CLEBUS worldview is a metaverse platform using blockchain technology.

Preparation of the NFT market platform to build an ecosystem for Clebus Metaverse is in progress!

The CLEBUS Foundation is currently preparing for White Paper 2.0 through White Paper 1.0 and 1.5, and accordingly, it has completed upgrading existing platforms, landing pages, and Wallet updates and CLE Wallet is currently in service.

White Paper 2.0 prepares additional P2P exchanges and NFT markets based on the ecosystem consisting of the liquidity of users’ virtuous cycle virtual assets, along with compensation for value sharing and transactions pursued by CLEBUS.
The P2P virtual asset exchange provides services under the official brand of CLEBUS-X, can issue intangible values such as knowledge, experience, know-how, and personal talent in the world as NFTs and permanently preserve, distribute, and trade using blockchain technology.

CLUBUS-X is also making efforts to improve gas fees and processing speed. With the “Hybrid Decentralization System” technology called “STAY PENDING” that goes a step further from Layer 2, it dramatically reduces user costs, introduces NFT creators’ writes and works, and profiles for a reasonable trading environment, which provides a window for direct communication with creators through Social Media. At the same time, it provides copyrights and high-valued NFT works by operating premium Auction services to open an open market where creators and consumers freely trade and a premium market that presents rare and valuable NFT works selected through thorough verification procedures.
In addition, it connects with the Meta-ecosystem CLEBUS to enable sharing and transaction of its value.

CLEBUS META is a hyper connected meta-platform that goes beyond time and space which creates a meta-world for users through connection with global contents.

Koo Kyo-sung, chairman of the Alman Company Co., Ltd., which operates CLEBUS, claimed, “Our team has been continuing so far under the motto of ‘Trading All Values in the World,’ and in the CLEBUS ecosystem, we aim for ‘LIFE TO EARNING’ where anyone can participate, live, and make profits.”




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