“New Theory: Shadow Brokers Incident is a Deep State Civil War between CIA vs NSA”

Put the Russian hacking business on the ole back burner for a second. After my shadow brokers tweet I was contacted by an anonymous source claiming to be FBI. Yep I know prove it? I wasn’t able to get’em to verify their identity. But y’all don’t be runnin away yet, suspend yer disbelief and check out their claims. What if the Russian’s ain't hacking nothin? What if the shadow brokers ain’t Russian? Whatcha got as the next best theory? What if its a deep state civil war tween CIA and ole NSA? A deep state civil war to see who really runs things. NSA is Department of Defense, military. The majority of the military are high school grads, coming from rural “Red States”, conservatives. The NSA has the global surveillance capabilities to intercept all the DNC and Podesta emails. CIA is college grads only and has the traditions of the urban yankee northeastern and east coast ivy leaguers, “Blue State”, liberals. CIA hacks and has a cyber capability too according to VP Joe Biden. What if the NSA leaked the emails to Wikileaks to help Trump? What if the CIA discovered NSA was leakin emails? What would they go and do about it? Go to the FBI? Go public? What if they ain’t able to go public because they themselves are in violation of some domestic law? Enter the shadow brokers. I rekon the shadow brokers is CIA.What if the shadow brokers incident is CIA tit-for-tat retribution against NSA email leaks? Hack or steal NSA tools? Embarrass them? Get them broken up, fired? Sounds far fetched? Clapper and Carter tried to get Rogers fired. They also called for the breakup of NSA. McCain and Gram are fighting hard as hell not to. Red vs Blue. Look it up for yerself! DOD and CIA have had a turf war going back to the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars bout whose job it was to run paramilitary operations. A turf war over the next “domain of battle” with all the government cheese. Ain’t rekonin it sounds far fetched to me. Real world turf wars have limits, they ain’t gonna kill each other on the battlefield, hopefully. But in cyber you can fuck yer buddy and ain’t nobody gonna die, hopefully. Let’s talk bout Russia. Snowden ran to Russia. I rekon if I was NSA I’d be pretty ornery bout Russia. Wouldn’t NSA’d be rite happy to implicate Russia? But NSA has been crickets regarding the whole so called Russian hacks. Not CIA, they’re rite happy to name drop Russia for DNC hacks and the shadow brokers affair. I reckon smore attention needs to be paid to what alls been going down at our own spy guys regarding the election? That source o’mine, says the FBI is totally aware of the ole civil war tween CIA and NSA, but hasn’t taken sides. Whichever loses the deep state civil war and by lose I mean whoever finally takes the oath of office “CIA and HRC” or “NSA and Trump”, the losers stands to be greatly diminished thereafter. If a real war, civil or otherwise ain’t startin first.