The Job Guarantee — More Money, Less Tax
Neil Wilson

Hi Neil,

Long time follower of your blogs and various online contributions. I really hope that some time you may be able to put down your excellent insights over the years into a book or similar format.

Reading through Corbyn’s 10 pledges, I am getting an unmistakable whiff of Tony Benn’s 1970’s Alternative Economic Strategy and like Benn’s AES, I have every confidence that the right wing of the party will do what it can to sink Corbyn’s pledges.

Outside of the Labour Party, how feasible do you think it would be to gain momentum in acceptance of the JG or Corbyn’s 10 pledges? Anecdotal, but amongst my own friends and family, any mention of JG or BIG is met with responses of the other MMT- “Magic Money Tree” and “Utopia” and these are people who are by and large soft left or old Labour. The second response of utopia is rich in irony seeing as we are ever further down the road to Polanyi’s ‘stark utopia’ of free market control of almost every part of our lives.

I’m delighted to see Corbyn finally put forward a radical Labour riposte to the current neoliberal narrative but am pessimistic to the extent that his proposals will ever be given a fair hearing in the light of mass media opposition to Corbyn and his wing of the party.

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