Do not Blame America

Do not blame this group of American, blame South Sudanese.

Why do South Sudanese naïve politicians keep running to America? There is no evident that the American envoy in form of Princeton Lyman and American Council on foreign relations in form of Kate Almquist Knopf and Enough Project in form of John Prendergast, United State of American UN representative Nikki Haley can bring political Harmony and peace among South Sudanese. There is no way this group can bring the peace and harmony they do not have their Congress they keep reporting to.They are all threat to our harmony because what they know best is intimidation and turn other people against each other, like they have been threat everywhere there is their footprints.

America is too divided at the moment to be used as example to South Sudanese. They only reason these politicians run to America for is the force that America have been using to destroy Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and still being used in middle East today. But did that force brought any peace and harmony to those Countries? I doubt.

Let us perceive America as a christian Country where our christian brothers and sisters came to our rescued in 1990s and also admire invention quality of American not intimidation part that has already attracted curses for innocent American from those innocent children subjected to brutality created by the group with characters of the above mention group in the name of creating democracy and free market economic that they have no formula.

Yes, America and South Sudan people to people friendship can benefit both countries as long the above group of confusion stop making those confusion and revitalization of violent. America can help South Sudan with so many things but political harmony is not one of them. We can all agree by now that all the Statement made by the above group end up creating so many violent groups who misinterpreted their statement and used it for their own tribal aspiration that help no one.

For example, when these groups came up with the so-called “put South Sudan on life support” and the following Stated idea intended to create death and divide us further should have been a wake up call for naive South Sudanese intellectual who kept escorting the groups to that Congress.

“Opposition to a UN and AU transitional administration could be mitigated through a combination of politics and force — by working with important South Sudanese constituencies frustrated with President Salva Kiir, former First Vice President Riek Machar, and their cronies; and then deploying a lean and agile peace intervention force to combat and deter the remaining spoilers once they have been politically isolated.”

this was invasion Statement not a peace keeping one! why are they not doing that in America to bring peace and stop rampant crime in that society?

The result of that reckless Statement was the emboldening of violent tribalist and the killing in ambushes started and conspiracy to empty Equatoria region into Refugee camp Uganda as a weapon against government increases, just to demonized the government and make the above Statement a reality.

We all agree that this government lack so many skills to function properly. But we need national dialogue where every village could involve in the dialogue and in the end would proceed with what people agreed upon and President Kiir would be phased out by the person or people recommended by South Sudanese and not the few renegade use by foreign powers for their own political leverage that has nothing to do with entire population of South Sudan.

Although there is no evident that this group can bring peace and harmony to South Sudanese, there is evident that they can destroy President Kiir and his government and starve South Sudanese by keeping away investors using negative reporting and UN to launch their conspiracy like what they have done to our peaceful region of Equatoria.

South Sudanese who are associated with this group do that not because they are pro-peace and harmony of our Country but they have a prove that they are evil force to be used to destroy those perceived by the tribalists to be a threat to their mission of selling off South Sudan to greedy Globalist. Every-where we look there is a chaotic seen as an example: Libya, Nigeria, Iraq and the entire middle East can epitomize this.

All of those atrocities are inflicted on those people through evils power hungry individuals within those communities, who naively think that American globalist are Overthrowing their leaders in order to installed them as alternative replacement and the harmony will reign in the country after that what a joke? Did Libya, and the entire middle East puppets enjoyed the fruits of their puppeteer with Obama administration?

I think the answer is obvious. For this group to think that they can enabling few tribalists to taken down the government of other country and subjected children, women and men into enormous suffering while acting like angels who are trying to bring peace and harmony to people of South Sudan, is not a honest way a country enjoying God’s blessing should behave. It is a misused of wealth and it can bring curses to innocent American children, women and men who have no idea about what these heartless divisive arrogant group are doing on their behave.

What is happening in South Sudan is an attempt to create an everlasting mistrust between the government and the people by creating a society like the one in Congo where by one part of that society is demonized and the other part is help by the UN to obliterate the other. while the looters looting the raw materials are pretending to be human right activist to put blame on their puppets government, which they help to create in order to take the blame on their behave (the looters).

during this crisis, Obama administrations funded numerous media outlet including naive PHD holders of South Sudanese to just demonized the government day in and day out and with out researching for the system that fit for our diversity as PHD holders. than report back to the Congress who has been passing their own laws without understanding them, leave alone the complex South Sudan issues, according to Australian planet America . this is because the expert who could have read and understand those laws before being taken to Congress to pass them, have been phased out by rent-seekers or rather lobbyists. Using media to demonize, mislead and confused others is what many corrupt individual thrive in. It is only, recently where one of smartest American manage to go around this well control media by rent-seekers/lobbyist and still get to the bottom of things and that was Trump. the following quote can show South Sudanese clearly how the media could be used to even twist scientific prove in America

“To illustrate, in 1998 a draft report of a proposal compiled by industry opponents of action regarding global warming was leaked to the press. Among the ideas in the proposal was a “campaign to recruit a cadre of scientists who share the industry’s views of climate science and to train them in public relations so they can help convince journalists, politicians and the public that the risk of global warming is too uncertain to justify.” Moreover, the plan would measure success “by counting, among other things, the percentage of news articles that raise questions about climate science and the number of radio talk show appearances by scientists questioning the prevailing views.” This plan proposed a media-relations budget of $600,000 that was to be directed at science writers, editors, columnists and televisions network correspondents, and was to raise questions about and undercut the “prevailing scientific wisdom.”

They do not seem to have learn anything from that now they are catching South Sudanese disease of locking horn in the battle of popularity contest within one party.

South Sudanese people themselves can easily find solution if they take this disruptive group out of picture. They are not for peace but revitalization of violent. Let us support our national dialogue committee to come up with ideas from our communities and replacement of President Kiir. Not through revitalization of violent group.

Now what is needed than ever is a search for right system that could fit all of us in with our diversity rather than wasting our time hoping for other countries who have no harmony in their own countries to bring cohesion to our communities. Not system that accumulated resources in the hand of brutal few.

President Trump Stated that America would do good things for American and create harmony among them in order for the world to admire and copy American good work not preoccupied with bullying small countries for Sources.

May God Bless President Trump with wisdom to Save South Sudan and our friends American from divided Congress and Obama’s deadly group who still busy enabling criminal to take down government and created famine for innocent children, women, men and disable people.

May God continue to bless South Sudan and protect it from canny friends.

By Clement Angui Deng