Who recommended the appointment of Mr Deng Kuach (Gregory Vasili) as a governor of Gogrial and why?

Before I go further analyzing the above question, I would like to Congratulate Mr Deng Kuach for his new job of gubernatorial in Gogrial State.

To put down my globe and start my argument, I would like to rule out in advance that, President Kiir had just woke up in his bed and decided to replaced Mr Gum Makuach with unfit brother in-law based on alleged nepotism.

President Kiir is busy doing national job that he is being paid for, and he expect everybody in the States to do their honest job that they are also being paid for. So whenever, people from any State, bring him the list of suggested official to be endorsed he expects those lists to have been already analysed before they reached his desk and the interest of the community in question has been taken on board, by the people who brought it to him. This idea of blaming everything on president Kiir and leave the culprit’s head on the sand is not rewarding.

It has gone on for so long now that, whatever list this group drop on President Kiir table, has always turn out in so many occasion as a surprised to many people in presidential advisory list. Why? because of the faceless group who assumed to have gotten the President’s associated powers and used it to blackmail the rest of us.

Turning now to the question of who recommended Mr Deng Kuach for gubernatorial of Gogrial State and why?

First of all, I give those critic of Mr Deng Kuach a benefit of doubt on their perceived angle that Mr Deng Kuach is not suitable for the post of State governor, due to his past records.

To make this point clear, Mr Deng Kuach is alleged to have been the one with his counterpart Mr Lual Deng Kuel who ignited the ongoing conflict between Aguok and Apuk during their time of commissioner-ship of Gogrial East and West respectively. According to their critique, they refused to cooperate or work together as government officials. Instead, each one of them surrounded himself with his architect of ballistic slanderous gossiping against each other communities to fuel their anger towards each other.

Therefore, these two should be given time out from any leadership until the day they prove themselves clean from all these allegations. Recommending them for one post to the next while Isolating those who did their work correctly can discourage effort to do well in any field in government.

Having considered the above accusation, against Mr Deng Kuach, the question of whether he was appointed based on his experienced that he was once a commissioner, is questionable. Unless the considered standard of experience for any job in South Sudan, is based on how long one spend sitting on government’s job with no tangible result. Those kind of experienced are only valued in the old Sudan and they should be written off in South Sudan as corrupt and out dated.

They type of experienced which should have been considered in recycling the former commissioner (s) should have been based on their achievement and Mr Atem Atem and Mr Achiech Kuot epitomized this kind of achievement.

When Atem and Achiech were commissioners of the then two Gogrial Counties, they were working to gather as a team, and every criminal in Gogrial run out of ground to grow. One of them could have been seen fit to lead the State, if positives experienced count in our current situation, specially, on the nomination of Mr Deng Kuach. It seems these faceless group are doing allot of damage to innocent people by setting them up for failure, using their blackmailing associated powers.

It is also, alleged that the misguided blackmailing associated powers, contributed to locked up of Mr Yel Loul and Mr Mayen Wol. The two men were set up for failure, using the erroneous associated powers.

It is clear now the free money they were geting from Yel is directed to it rightful place.

The man now who replaced Mr Yel, the former ambassador Mr. Bol Wek understand both SPLM/A system and President Kiir very well so, there is now room for blackmailing for free money. He has been with him for long time as bodyguard, even when President Kiir involved in a plane crushed he was with him and that the two survived the crushed together.

Therefore, nobody among the faceless group, could dare threatening or blackmailing him in the office of president using the extorted associated powers as they did to those poor guys in jail. Those guys were just recently, came from Khartoum after CPA.

Since the office of president is out of question in term of blackmailing now, the next target, was State where governor Gum made it clear that any advances from doing nothing group coming from Juba, is not welcome to State budgets. So they worked against him sabotaging every move of Gum Makuach’s government to bring him down and recommended one of their kind into power. This is an acceptable.

Nevertheless, writing this article is not intended to incite any violent against our new governor, or triggering any clandestine agenda to sabotage his leadership. but to point out to those group who keep manipulating any appointment in Gogrial State, that a warding the incompetent and Isolate those who have proved to be competent by delivering result during their leadership like Atem and Achiech, can easily discourage people from making effort to do their jobs honestly and competently. Good work should be encouraged and rewarded rather than rewarding those blunders done by Mr Deng Kuach and colleague Mr Lual Deng.

Finally, I encourage, our people to join the spirit of national dialogue to restore peace in our State and our Country. And that’s mean working closely with our new governor. Nonetheless, as we all know the recommendation of Mr Deng Kuach is full of flaws, it is our duty to find out exactly how did it happened otherwise we are going to get more appointment like this and end up with wrong candidate in 2018, because of this faceless group.

BY Clement Angui Deng