Road Trip Basics: Know Your Audience

Your new website is beautiful. The design captures your brand. You have selected a blogging platform and social media outlets to reach potential customers. You’ve even dedicated time in your daily and weekly schedule for social media. Now, it’s time to consider your audience.

In the world of social media, the audience is driving. You are the destination.

Know your audience as you know your car.

You know exactly when your car needs fuel. You can feel on acceleration whether your car needs an oil change or not. Different noises tell you if your car needs service. You even remember where you parked. You must know your audience this well.

Successful social media depends on creating meaningful content driven by your audience. You must know where to find your audience and what content your audience seeks. If you identify what content your audience is looking for, you will know why your audience needs you. Better yet, you can determine why they can’t exist without you.

Your audience doesn’t come with an Owners’ Manual.

Market research provides the information you need to launch a successful social media campaign. Conducting such research does not have to be complicated.

Keyword research tools such as Google Keyword Planner reveal what your customers are searching for online. Customer data audits uncover valuable demographic information and what prompts your current customers to act. Website analytics will help you know why and how your current customers found you. Did they click on your website from Facebook or Twitter? An analytics plugin will tell you.

Become the car your audience wants to drive.

The average person spends six seconds on a website before deciding to stay or go. Content that adds value to their world will halt their desire to bounce, ping, and scroll.

Once you have determined what causes a sense of urgency, you are ready to create meaningful content. Through research did you learn your customers drive sedans but yearn for sports cars? Be the sport car, only with the second row and safety features that made the sedan appealing in the first place. Why stop with what the customer wants when you can give them content that goes beyond what they’ve previously looked for?

Be the tic-tac-toe chicken.

I love my car for the freedom it represents. At any given moment, I could jump behind the wheel and hit the open road. Along the way, I may see unusual and interesting sights such as the most amazing chicken ever born — one that plays tic-tac-toe.

That is what I look for online. Content that surprises me. Content that presents the products and services I need in a fresh light. Content that goes beyond what I thought I wanted. Content that makes me stop scrolling.

Research-based, intriguing headlines and graphics create this level of interest. Cater your headlines to your target audience. Use subheadings and graphics to increase scannability.

Are you ready to welcome travelers?

If you know your audience, you are. Know the products and services they are looking for. Know what roads along the virtual highway they drive. Lastly, know the surprises they didn’t know they wanted when their trip began. These simple measures will drive your audience straight to your door.

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