Bitquence ecosystem

I presented my friends bitquence ecosystem and project.


Bitquence's vision is to create a people-driven new economy services company that makes the cryptocurrent market accessible and reliable for the average user, accelerating the adoption of blockchain technology and democratizing ownership of cryptocurrences.

The Bitquence Platform

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different wallets out there for all different digital assets and managing lots of wallets for each of your coins is difficult. Here in Bitquence we wanted to create a platform that could provide a powerful point of interaction with the new economy. This Next Generation Digital Portfolio will be the backbone of our asset management and cryptocudence services platform. The universal portfolio will enable us to group transactions together in order to increase liquidity and keep costs low for consumers. This infrastructure also allows us to create a universal mobile payment system for users who want to make transactions in any currency by breaking the barriers to mass adoption in the industry.

The Bitquence platform is created from several basic technological components:

  • It includes a centralized portfolio management system that connects with the Bitquence Liquidity Network, created by the token Bitquence. This programmatically links through APIs in major cryptocurrency exchanges. The liquidity network will be decentralized.
  • Includes a community consensus component for qualification of individual tokens and cryptocurrencies on technical merit and quality. Ratings will be allocated based on the ownership of those currencies within the Bitquence 
    platform. This link with a variety of dynamic asset allocation, for example, the "baskets of currencies" 
    that users can buy and hold within the Bitquence platform.
  • Cold storage: The system will synchronize randomly with cold storage, which will be 
    in a safe place that is not physically connected to the Internet

Benefits of BQX
 - BQX is the backbone of the liquidity digital network and will be an exchangeable asset for a variety of fiat and cryptocurrencies
- BQX can be used as a "gas" for transactions and storage
- BQX in one account will cause the entire account Be eligible for reduced cost and storage
transactions - BQX
will be able to receive exclusive access to the sale of exclusive commissioned chips

Ico details
 The chips will be sold at a discount from the first buyers ranging from 5000 BQX: 1 ETH to 3175 BQX: 1 ETH. If we reach the goal of 40,000 ETH, we will continue to sell BQX for 72 hours to protect those who wish to participate in the event that all tokens will be depleted quickly. In addition, Bitquence can activate a 72-hour period using current table prices. The total number of chips sold during the sale will be 30% and all pools will be scaled accordingly.

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