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5 Motivations for How I Learn

I learn best with motivation. I list 5 motivations: pleasure (I like to do it), social pressure (I don’t want to let anyone in my group down), stress/fear (pressure of a deadline with possible negative repercussions), attention (it grabs my attention, involves the senses), and intrinsic importance.


I payed attention to what I do when I use social media. Overall, I use it as a de-stresser.

How Can I Optimize my Happiness?

I want to be happy. Real, steady, dependable, long term happiness isn’t possible, but it’s something to strive for. I can Optimize my happiness by doing things that bring me intrinsic happiness. I list 5 things that bring me intrinsic happiness: acting, math, laughter, a community of friends, communication, and appreciation. I should put these 5 things together to form a carrer so I can to what makes me happy for a living. There’s no precise formula for happiness, but I should strive to understand people through pursuing comical acting and teaching math.

I list 10 resources about happiness, and 10 key words to help a curious mind in further searches.

Importance of Presence in the Moment

In Patsy Rodenburg’s TED Talk “Why I Do Theatre,” she explains why now more than ever, actors are important. They are experts in being present in the moment. Acting requires great focus and empathy. I relate this back to my happiness question.

I list 4 people references for my question of happiness

How Can I Make My Public Presence On Social Media Private?

I talk about using social steganography to encode a public post so that the real meaning only reaches a select few in the know. It’s a neat idea, and personally I think it’s difficult to put into practice.

Maya’s Assignment

I went 15 minutes without technology for an assignment. I felt an interesting mixture of calm I-don’t-have-to-worry and anxious what-am-I-missing.

Body Language

This is for my presentation! I distinguish between macro expressions (large, gestural body language) and micro expressions (facial expressions). There’s open and closed macro expressions, and 7 universal microexpresions.

I also have an assignment to evaluate your own body language.

What I Know About Santa Claus

I know about the man, the myth, the legend, the one and only Santa Claus… but that’s about all I know. He was a man. The way he’s portrayed now is more mythical. He’s a legend.

Video game — Sims

Sims is my favorite video gave because it gives me all the power. I didn’t know how to handle that power when I was younger. Playing for too long made me crabby and irritable.

What I learned

I like the format of Medium. It’s very clean and it’s easy to make it look nice and professional. Posts are much more interesting with pictures, quotes, videos, and hyperlinks. Bringing in other sources not only makes it a more reliable post, it also gives the reader a chance to quench their thirst to know more about the subject. Breaking the post into paragraphs with clear this-is-what-I’m-going-to-talk-about headings is so important. It seporates the ideas clearly, makes it more apparent you know what you’re talking about, makes it more visually appealing, and less daunting to read.

The big question happiness blog really helped me separate my interests, pinpoint why they were interesting to me, and it helped me group them in a different way.

Blogging was fun. I liked the feeling of posting content on the internet. Who knows who could read it? Someone might find it interesting. I could brighten their day. I like that. It was very odd doing so much informal writing for school. That took a bit of getting used to.

In this class, I learned about the importance of social media, and the importance of identifying sources, and understanding underlying reasons before making a decision involving something (now formerly) enigmatic.

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