Video game — Sims

The Sims is probably my favorite video game

I started with the first one, Sims 1, when I was in elementary school.

I felt so cool for playing something for teens. I made families entirely of children (the only other option was adults, and they seem boring and unrelatable). I gave them mansions to play in all day. I forgot to give them a couple silly things, you know, like a toilet or fridge, so they kept peeing themselves or starving. How annoying. Unfortunately, I couldn’t seem to keep them very happy for long. Unhappy children are incapable of dong their homework. Their grades were slipping. I just wanted them to be happy! Well, and do my bidding.

My children were destined to either die or be taken away by child services before they could reach adulthood.

DON’T TAKE THEM AWAY! THEY’RE MINE! You can’t stop the grim reaper, but you can stop child protective services! I trapped the children they wanted to take away in a room with no doors. Then, once I failed at convincing anyone to leave her alone (SHE’S MINE!), I’d restart the game to have another chance.

Why I Like the Game

I wasn’t very good at keeping my children alive back then, but I’ve improved, I swear! I now play on Sims 3 or 4 and my families are pretty happy (cheat codes help, but LOOK THEY’RE HAPPY OKAY).

I like the game because I like making people happy, sure. Creating people and houses is a fun creative outlet, that, too.

But the real reason is because I AM IN CONTROL.



I don’t get to be in control very often, and when I am in control, I act rationally. But this game allows me to do whatever I want. There are no mistakes (I can just reset the day), and I’m not just in control; I’m a dictator. I have ultimate power.

Woo hoo!

How I Am On And Off

I used to play Sims for 3–8 hours at a time, my thirst for power so strong that I’d forget to eat sometimes. I’d play it every day for extended periods of time. My mom said it made me cranky, and this made me mad because NO IT MAKES ME HAPPY.

She was right.

I took breaks from time to time and recognized a significant change in my tolerance (I didn’t ger annoyed or angry as easily). But I was addicted, so it took more than that to stop.

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